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Welcome to my online gallery. It features a range of my work from small scale 'experimental pieces', private commissions and full scale wall murals. I usually have some form of work on the go so the gallery will be regularly updated. Some original pieces are for sale, others are available as limited edition prints, details are given where applicable. I can accept a varity of payments including paypal, personal cheque or indeed cash! If you would like to commission a piece please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

A British Tour Winner 2012

Conte Pastels 2012

Framed original for sale

Zdenek Sybar becomes world champion in his own country.

Acryllic 2012.

Private commission
Another one in the bag for Cav.

Orignal in soft water colour pencil, framed, 2012.

Prints will become available if demand is there!
Millar takes stage win in Tour 2013

Soft Water Colour Pencils, 2012.

Prints available via online shop.
Attacking in the Tour 2012; orginal for Mr Vinokourov himself

Acryllic 2012

Prints available, see online shop
Last time up the Muur

2012, gift for Nick Nuyens

This is a picture of a signed copy, thanks Nick! Here you also have a glimpse of how it all started! Signed prints available via online shop.

2011, gift for friend
'In Yellow'

Black and white pencil (with an experimental hint of colour, artists license!!)

2010, gift for inspiring ex-ploegleider Heidi
A cuddle from Grandad! My dad with my niece.

Black and white pencil.

2009, gift for my sister.
RVV No.2, Devolder rides away from the competition in 2009

Black and White pencil

2009, signed by Devolder 2009.

RVV No.1, Devolder wins RVV in 2008


2008, signed by Devolder in 2009

FOR SALE, e-mail enquiries to
Victory. Bettini wins worlds

Black and white pencil

Merckx, leading the peloton.

Black and white pencil

2008, signed by Merckx. Prints available e-mail for further enquiries.
Oh So Sharp


2006, for my dad! He's crazy about horses.
Eric Vanderaerden in form during the classics

Black and white pencil

2008, signed by Eric himself (see 'a bit of everything') original for sale
Boonen, all smiles

Conte Pastels

2007, signed by Boonen in 2008 at post tour cirt in Lommel (picture above taken prior to signing!)
Four pieces from the limited edition collection of 'Cycling Greats'

Conte Pastels

Available via direct contact with myself or at
Wedding Bouquet

Acryllic on canvas

Private commission, 2006
Thevenet from the series 'Tour Greats', 2007.

Black and white pencil.

For sale, mounted and framed, 68 euros (ex.P&P). Enquiries to
From the series 'Tour Greats', 2005. Donated to the Dave Rayner Fund for their annual fundraising auction.

Conte Pastels.
One of the early pieces (2004) in a series on 'Tour Greats'.

Conte Pastels.

For sale, enquires to
My niece's favourite firends. She was instantly mesmerised!

Private commission, 2006.
A big favourite in the gym where it was created, some of the kits featured local club teams!

Private commission, 2004.
Recognisable (?) sprinters.

Private commission, 2003.
A relatively successful attempt to convey the speed of the tester! The scale of these images can be judged by the spin bikes in the pic.

Private commission, 2003.
The gym management unfortunately mounted a speaker on this one. The radiator was a challenging canvas for a wheel!

Private commission, 2004.
Private commission, 2004.

GB Duathlete Mike Bourne

Wildlife Studies produced 2002

'Field Mice', 'Ocelot'

Conte Pastels
Big Cat Series produced 1994-95

'Cheetah', 'Jaguar', 'Cats Eyes', 'Tiger', 'Snow Leopard'

Black and White Pencil

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